Two From Five are Heather Wallis (vocals) and Troy Diaz (guitars/vocals).  The two met on Long Island and quickly discovered/embraced a mutual love for writing and telling stories through song.  While their sound is rooted in the simplicity of guitar and voice, they masterfully combine elements of rock, blues, country and folk inviting listeners in to find and retain their own commonality within the lyrics and hooks. Return To Music  is Two From Five’s debut release (available on iTunes and Apple Music).

Following their release of Return to Music, Heather and Troy released When The Lights Go Down, which is inspired by the lives and love of two of America's most notorious outlaws, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. An official music video was filmed to support this song and is out now on YouTube. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Chasing Sleep and Drunk On Your Love are the newest singles and available now on iTunes and  Apple Music.  CLICK HERE for links to all tracks.